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Good Fat, that’s right I said it. Fats develop brain cells and helps to balance hormones. Good Fats reduce inflammation and balance mood swings.30% of growing children’s diets should be fat. Adults diets should be 20-35% of energy from ‘good’ fats and avoid trans fats and saturated fats and again children should be getting 30% of their calories from ‘good’ fats. Bad Fat No Good2eat 4 Kids or anybody else for that matter.

AVOID OVER PROCESSED OILS: Vegetable, Canola, Safflower, Corn, Soy Oils Cold Processed is best, this means that the oil is pressed from the source instead of heated. These oils go rancid (should be kept in the refrigerator) and the process of producing these oils eliminates the good elements of the oils.
Omega 3 Oils  Clinical studies suggest that children with ADHD have lower levels of  both omega -6 and omega-3 and that symptoms reduce when taking fish oil.
DHA – Docosahexaenoic Acid this oil flushes out cholesterol from veins. good2eat4 brain function, nervous system and visual abilities.
good sources: Egg Yolks from grass fed chickens, Cold Water Fish (Salmon), Flax Seed, Cod Liver Oil. Seaweed (also seaweed rids the body from radiation – think nuclear power plants, airplanes, x-rays and sunburns.
Can be taken as DHA, EPA Supplements
A Balance is necessary between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats, a typical American diet may contain 11-30% more omega-6 fatty acides than omega-3 off balance can promote inflammation and can contribute to coronary heart disease, cancer and arthritis and other inflammatory disorders. This is a ratio that is not agreed on in medical analysis and should not be self diagnosed. But a Mediterranean diet is well balanced in Omega 3 and 6 oils, high in using ‘good’ oils to cook with and high in grains, nuts, fish and grass fed animals.
Omega 6 Oils – Fatty Acids – good2eat4 crucial role in brain functions, metabolism in promoting normal growth and development, hair growth and maintaining bone health and fights arthritis.
good sources: Nut/Seeds and their Oils, Hemp Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil (These are high burning point oils, good for frying).
Can be taken as the following supplements that can conflict medications be advised by your doctor: Borage oil (GLA), Evening Primrose Oil (GLA), Black Current (GLA)
Omega 9 Oils – Monosaturated fats good2eat4 Reduced risk of Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Disease.
good sources: Cold Processed Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Nut/Seeds and their Oils, Canola, Sunflower Oil. These oils are excellent raw, like on salads.
These saturated fats contain no cholesterol: Coconut Oils, Palm/Red Palm Oil
Animal Fats have cholesterol: Ghee, Dairy, Bacon
Vitamin A + D  good2ear4 Vision: It is nice to get it from the sun but if you live in a location or season with limited sunlight supplement it,  but be  aware of the fact that you can overdose on Vitamin A so if you’re eating a lot of sushi in a sunny environment watch for a breakout that looks like acne all over your body. Counter with powdered Vitamin C baths.
Vitamin A + D go together, even in their natural sources: Cod Liver Oil, Egg Yolk

Cholesterol –  good2eat4 brain development and proper brain functioning.
good sources: Eggs, Meat and Seafood.
Also found in cholesterol fats:
Choline – good2eat4 memory, liver repair (is this why the service is always bad in vegetarian restaurants?)
good sources: Beef, Liver, Eggs, Cauliflower, Navy Beans, Organic Tofu, Almonds, Peanut Butter
Zinc – The body doesn’t store zinc and it is a power booster. good2eat4 it helps in cellular metabolism, wound healing, protein synthesis, and is very important during pregnancy, childhood and adolescence and is required for proper taste and smell. Some studies say it stops colds.
good sources: Oysters and Shell Fish, Nuts, Dried Beans, Red Meat from grass fed animals
Tryptophan – good2eat4 sleep and mood (but they do go hand in hand don’t they?)
good sources: Meat from grass fed animals, high in Turkey
DHA – see under Omega-3
A GOOD REPLACEMENT FOR BUTTER which is dairy, and which I held onto for years because I love the taste of butter, I use Earth Balance brand for cold butter applications and some cooking, it is the best replacement for flavor I’ve found, but I’ve been cooking with Unrefined Coconut Oil, it has a medium burning point, like butter, and is a good cholesterol because it’s not from animal: It’s anti fungal, anti viral,  anti inflamatory and the caprilic acid kills yeast, promotes the livers cleansing function and enhances the absorbtion of minerals. Coconut oil is easy to digest and absorb, helps with energy because it burns quickly. Hey, what’s not to love here?
As with coconut milk the cream in the bottle of cold processed coconut oil may settle to the top of the jar and the oil may settle to the bottom, both are great to cook with.
Dessert Strawberry Swirl Ice no Cream  Believe me, this ice coconut cream is really, really good2eat4U in many more ways than one. Remember strawberries are much better organic, especially in this healthy healing dessert. I didn’t think I’d use the ice cream maker I got for a gift, but once I got into it, I really got into making really delicious desserts that are truly healthy and good2eat4U
Elaine Good

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