Care for Ur wooden kitchen utensils

Take good care of your wooden kitchen items:

Wooden cutting boards contain fewer bacteria than plastic boards, as proven in laboratory testing. I had assumed that because I can place my plastic resin cutting boards into a dishwasher, wash them at very high heat with products that are disinfectants, that they are easier to maintain, and I assumed that they were an improvement from the wooden cutting boards and cooking utensils of old. Ah contraire mon amie. Wooden boards pull the bacteria away from the surface and away from your food as you continue to cut, chop or slice and have been proven to carry less bacteria to the foods you place on them.

Wooden tools are organic, durable, they are beautiful and they are easy to maintain. Here’s how: Don’t use soap, like the iron cookware (Wok and Roll Blog Title: good2BLOG4U) it is best not to use soap on the surface of your wooden cooking and food serving items.

Lemons can be used to clean wooden bowls and cutting boards, cut a lemon in half and simply rub the cut edge of the lemon in circular motions around the board. Rub the skin of the lemon over any cuts on the wooden surface. Mineral oil or olive oil can be used to seal the wood, once the lemon cleans the board or bowl:put about a tablespoon of oil on a clean cotton cloth; rub the oil over the board in a circular motion. Let sit for 30 minutes to an hour and wipe excess oil off with a paper towel.

Lemons are perfect for daily cleaning wooden cutting boards and bowls.Lemons are perfect for cleaning wooden cutting boards and bowls.

If U want to use a product that will keep the surface oiled so that it doesn’t dry and crack, a product that will fill in the scratches and cuts which compromise the safety of the tool, and will clean the surface while maintaining a beautiful sheen. I found a product at the PoP Up Market in NYC this weekend: Autumn & Hive’s ‘Wood Butter‘ combination of mineral oil and beeswax.  <>This paste will restore your wooden bowls, spoons, cutting boards and butcher blocks to be like new, with a single application. Please tell them that you found them through good2eat4U.

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