Why what we eat is better.

Fall HarvestEliminating items that you believe are staples is the first step in reforming your eating to a healthy diet, a diet void of gluten or over-processed grains, diary, sugar and salt. Begin by no longer buying items that advertising campaigns have convinced you of as being ‘staples’.

Yes, eliminating gluten, diary, sugar and minimizing salt sounds daunting, because we have become the victims of big food companies that have done everything to sell product with no regard to the circumstance of eating their food, they don’t care about YOU they care about the profit that they pass onto their shareholders. Carnation got mothers to stop nursing their babies, to believe that canned evaporated milk and corn syrup was better for their babies than the immune boosters in their own milk and nursing your baby became socially unacceptable. Baby formula was introduced in the hospital and when mother’s milk dried up (by taking pills), we had a generation of babies with colic and breast cancer. The treatment for the colic? Cereal, given to babies a month old. Over-processed cereal given to babies months sooner than babies are given grain now.

Think about that, it’s pretty heavy. I believe that is why the first generation to not be nursed by their mothers, EVER, to not receive the immune system benefits from their mother’s milk, has Vegetables good4 the ovenserious food allergies now. Yes, I believe that is the first reason. I could go into a little talk about how fake boobs look like lactating breasts, not natural breasts, and that I believe that ties into not being nursed. But I don’t think I need to go beyond the one sentence.

We are not made to cross-species nurse, animal milk is made for THEIR babies.Mooooove over  We are not made to nurse all of our life, think about it. Once a baby is give solid food the intestines become lactose intolerant.

Cheese: animal fat and salt. In fact the cheese in packages hanging on hooks isn’t even qualified as cheese any more, it’s ‘cheese style’ or ‘low moisture, fat free’ stuff.

Gluten: in the demand for faster food production wheat has been altered to contain more and more gluten, the sticky protein that makes glue out of flour. It’s so far from a whole grain once it’s pulverized, bleached and treated for production it has to have artificial nutrition added to it for ‘the staple in your kitchen’ flour to have any value what so ever.

Sugar has been added to everything because it’s addictive including fruit juice, fruit flavored yogurt and ‘healthy energy drinks’.

Why is sugar shown in grams when the product is shown in ounces?

Why is sugar shown in grams when the product is shown in ounces?

Read your labels, you will be shocked if you add up all the refined sugar you eat in a day. Diabetes is a health crisis in industrialized (we’re even called ‘industrialized’!@#) nations, especially amongst children.

Salt: puts your whole body into over-drive because it constricts everything and makes your heart work harder to do less, and your heart is pumping the blood through your constricted veins that are getting less oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body.

The good2eat4U blog forum is for sharing personal experiences in accomplishing good health. To shine a spotlight on items and information regarding food and nutrition and accomplish a better understanding of what we’re eating.

Put the ‘no’ into eating junk food, snack food, food handed to you in a box food through a window and food you are allergic to and say ‘yes’ to the foods that give all bodies maximum energy and eliminate the empty calories of: over-processed foods; excessive animal fats; the imbalance of too much salt; and to eliminate sugar addiction.  For recipes and more healthy information go to: www.good2eat4U.com

See how really simple it is to pick up a banana instead of a bag of chips. Feel the difference of eating what Mother Nature intended for you to eat. Leave the Industrialized Commercial Food behind and experience New American cuisine that is Free From all that is bad, it’s so good2eat4U.

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