How often do you eat a home-made meal?

When you have food allergies eating out can be like walking through a mine-field. I no longer feel safe when eating out, I’ve been sick too many times from a wait staff that doesn’t want to give me a straight answer or simply didn’t properly know their menu items.  I even had one waiter tell me that he was sure that ‘gluten-free’ was based on a diet fad and that people didn’t suffer if they ate gluten (the name of the restaurant did have ‘pan’ in it, which is French for bread) but it was where my friends wanted to eat and I ordered a salad and soup.

I know that when I get together with friends it always includes a meal unless they are paying for meal delivery, which is happening more and more.

I wonder: how often do people eat out? How responsible are we for the food that we’re eating? Have we lost interest in the primary responsibility of good health? Have we become dependent on the food industry to give us food that is healthful?

I look forward to seeing the results from this survey.



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