AntiOxident Supreme: Get Your Glutathione

Grow 'em Sew 'em So Good2eat4U

Grow ’em Sew ’em So Good2eat4U

The body is constantly in touch with oxidants and toxins, the better our body can deal with them the better our body will be at staying strong. This is a job for a major antioxidant, is there an antioxidant that will help prevent cancer, heart disease, aging, neurological issues and more?

Drum roll please: Glutathione (pronounced “gloota-thigh-own.”)

Glutathione is a simple molecule that is a combination of three building blocks of protein in the form of amino acids: cysteine, glycine and glutamine. The best part of glutathione is that it contains sulfur chemical groups that work to trap all the bad free radicals and toxins (such as mercury and heavy metals in our body) and then flush them out.

What makes glutathione so important and powerful is that it recycles antioxidants. When your body is dealing with free radicals, it is essentially passing them from one molecule to another. Antioxidants are recycled and eliminated with the help of glutathione and the body will regenerate another glutathione molecule. That’s what I call a win/win!

Methylation and the production and recycling of glutathione are the two most important biochemical functions in your body to maintain maximum health. Although the body makes Glutathione and recycles it, it might not be enough to counter our strenuously invasive toxic foods and environment.

Seasoned with Cinnamon and Turmeric in Heroccan Herbends, this Chunky Cauliflower Soup is a big hitter.

Seasoned with Cinnamon and Turmeric in Heroccan Herbends, this Chunky Cauliflower Soup is a big hitter.

Here are food and spice sources that contain glutathione, that will help the body produce more and more antioxidants:

• Broccoli
• Brussels sprouts
• Cabbage
• Cauliflower
• Collard Greens
• Avocados
• Peaches
• Watermelon
• Watercress
• Cinnamon
• Cardamom
• Turmeric
• Tomatoes
• Peas
• Garlic
• Onions
• Red peppers

I have included Cinnamon, Cardamon, and Turmeric in HERBLENDS as anti-oxidents…well, and they really do add a great deal of flavor to any dish they’re added to. So you can add great flavor and antioxidents to your diet with just the shake of your wrist! And there are recipes inclusive of the ingredients on this list at

Heroccan, Hertaliana, Hercajun, Herspanic

Heroccan, Hertaliana, Hercajun, Herspanic

The production and recycling of glutathione requires many different nutrients:
• N-acetyl-cysteine. To treat lungs and asthma and the liver (including liver failure from Tylenol overdose) it’s even given to prevent kidney damage.
• Alpha lipoid acid. Boosts cells in energy production, blood sugar control, brain health and detoxification.
• Methylation: Foliate, vitamins B6 and B12). These keep the body producing glutathione. Take foliate, B6 and B12.
• Selenium: This mineral helps the body recycle and produce more glutathione.
• Vitamins C and E work together to recycle glutathione.
• Milk thistle (silymarin) has long been used in liver restoration and helps boost glutathione levels.

Exercise boosts your glutathione levels and gives a boost to your immune system, improves detoxification and enhances your body’s antioxidant defenses. Breathing and sweating are also great ways to get rid of toxins in the body. Increasing exercise also increases glutathione production. Start slow and build up to 30 minutes a day of vigorous aerobic exercise like walking or jogging, or play a vivacious sport. Strength training for 20 minutes 3 times a week is also very helpful. Here’s the thing with exercise, when you’re committed? You KNOW it’s making you feel better, when you stop you KNOW you need to get back into it, you gain nothing avoiding it and everything when you’re actively involved with your life. So getting more glutathione into the body as well as sweating out the toxins that you need to get rid of is just one more excellent reason to get you going and making and eating healthy foods. Yes, food shopping is a form of exercise and I know that growing your own food is the best form of exercise for you. Can you even imagine growing all of your own food? It really would take up all of your time, and your 10 children’s time too. Oh the romantic image of self-sustainability.

OH and stop whining, and stop listening to people whine, that’s just as toxic as sitting on the couch eating junk food. In fact it all goes hand in hand. Clean it up babe, this is your divine intervention. Be the absolute best you that you can be…always and in all ways.

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