Snack – Ass

I’m going to keep this short because you don’t have time to eat, you don’t have time to read about eating.

Have you moved past junk food and into snack food?

If you’re eating snack food while you sit getting your ass whipped playing video games? You ass isn’t just getting whipped it’s growing into a Snack Ass.

OK you don’t have time for a drive through, you don’t want to get up and get a plate, you may not even own a pan and wouldn’t know what to do with it if you had one, opening a bag is right up your lounge chair. I get it, but read your labels, all snack food are high in sodium and most are high in fat and chemicals. Choose wisely, don’t let your impulse get you onto a bad food habit, snacks are formulated to get you addicted and they will kill you.

There is no more important decision that you will make today than what you will eat.

Good Food=Good Health

Snack Food=Snack Ass

Divine Chips

Organic Carrots, Turnips, Beets baked into chips. Healthy Snacks:

Healthy Snack Recipes

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