Sweet Tooth?

Sugar in 'Healthy Drinks'

Even when buying trusted brands check the label to see just how much sugar?


So the beat-beat-beat of the drum of the march of the food revolution continues. As the consumer continues to connect the dots between what they eat and their health they continue to create changes by using their food budget to vote for healthier choices, which really is the only way to promote the changes, slow as they are, to come.

Nutritional Fact Label will be exposing the truth that food manufacturers have hidden forever: the actual amount of sugars in packaged foods.

The FDA recently passed regulations that will require all food manufacturers to identify all “added sugars” in their products, these have been hidden under the “Total Carbohydrates” section of the label, where naturally occurring sugars were listed. The processed food industry has regularly injected an extraordinary amount of sugar into our diet, a fact hidden by the ‘Total Sugars’ label.

Sugar not only makes food taste good but it also helps food retain texture and form during transportation and storage. As a building block of the processed food system worldwide, it’s also one of the most heavily subsidized by governments. We live in an age of more publically available data, undisputable evidence has piled up that point to sugar as a substance that is killing us physically and financially.

Mango, Strawberry Dessert

2 Servings of fruit a day and 3-5 servings of vegetables and grain are all the natural sugar your body needs a day.

The average American consumes 60% more sugar than they should, more than 1/3 of the American population have diabetes-related diseases. Our healthcare system has ballooned to 20% of our overall GDP and the costs are rising far faster than income or overall GDP.

The food industry is estimated to comprise 10% of all economic output. The largest food companies are Coca Cola, Nestle and General Mills, which have been developed on a backbone of the chemistry of processed sugar and it’s addiction. As 8 in 10 consumers are reading labels to see what is in their food (Brava and Bravo!), this change will be in effect in the summer of 2018 (yes, 2 whole years). But you can begin reading labels with intelligence today!

The FDA pushed the food industry, which lobbied hard against labeling sugar content with threats of mass consumer confusion and uncertain scientific validity, which dragged it through bureaucracies in the US government for years.

Expect ad campaigns expressing the health benefits from product changes, without the proverbial gun to the head that was being held by the FDA.


When you eat carbohydrates your body absorbs the energy, when you eat chemical or over-processed sugars your body begins a vicious cycle of cravings that are never satisfied.

The savvy consumer knows better than to rely on the food industry or the restaurant industry to care about their health, when a profitable bottom line is the only motivation for every decision they make.

But to the others, who live in consummate denial, who live meal by <urgent, let someone else make it happen and don’t tell me how it’s killing me>, meal…I say it will catch up with you, wake up and make healthy choices now so that your body can function to the greatest capacity for strength, stamina and mental focus.

Herblends side panel

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