American Food

Fast Food F**ks with YOU


So why do people choose fast food, when they know it’s killing them?

According to market research these are the


  1. Gratifying and pleasurable
  2. Busy lifestyles
  3. Fussy eaters
  4. Low cost
  5. Less hassle
  6. Clever marketing
  7. Lack of time or knowledge to cook

I used to work in TV Commercial Production, one of the commercials that I worked on had mothers in front of a produce store with beautiful fresh produce on display, while they held a box of sugar laced cereal and told the camera that there was more nutrtion in the sugar frosted flakes of cereal than the head of broccoli she held in her other hand.

Well, technically the grain had to be laced with chemical nutrients because any natural occuring ones had been stripped out during processing, so it did have more ‘nutrition’ than the broccoli.

So I looked at the director, right into his eyes, and I said: “I have done many things in my life that I thought at the time, I could burn in hell for, but our telling mothers that sugar frosted cereal is better for their children than broccoli? I know for sure that I’m going to burn in hell for that one!”

“There will be a very special corner for us, probably with a little table and an endless bowl of that cereal, so I’ll look for you and the rest of the crew there when I’m gone!”

 Here are the Facts behind all those excuses:

  1. Gratifying and pleasurable

There is more gratification in making your own food than driving up to a window, and there is more pleasure in making food that you know is healthy than eating food that you know is killing you, and then eating it out of a box while sitting in a car. And if you’ve been eating in your car it is likely starting to smell and look like a garbage pail. To say nothing of the foot print of the transport from way outside of your local regine the supplies uses and the trees cut down to make all the paper and plastic that the food is served in. And the corporate location that the money goes while it creates minimum wage jobs locally? Gheeze have you even thought about that for a minute?

2. Busy Lifestyles

With preparation and organization real food is available quicker than a group can decide what they want to eat and where, driving there, ordering it, picking it up and bringing it home. Basic life management skills include knowing about the nutritional demands of your body and the source of obtaining the energy that fuels your body and mind, no? I can teach you how to know what your body

3. Fussy Eaters

Fussy eaters may actually be addicted to the high salt and sugar content of packaged foods long before they can voice an opinion. The pallet is developed by age 3 and takes a concerted effort to change, babies fed formula’s of dried and reconstituted cow’s milk with sugar in place of immune-building mother’s milk, and then moved into (commercially produced and gluten laced with more sugar and salt) jars of baby food need to have their pallet re-educated, healthy should ALWAYS be the natural choice.

4. Low Cost

Why is that cost of fast foods so low? Be aware of ‘The Happy Meal’! While buying in volume does bring down the price of everything, but when there is a factory recall (because of e-coli -manure in meat- or metal in flour), the amount in tons coming out of the factories is stunning. When there was a huge scandal a few years ago about factories  washed rotting meat in ammonia, fast food came to a stand still. The mid-west meat washing company actually went on air and said it had been a process used for decades, like he couldn’t understand why the public was outraged. Standard Procedure, cheap burgers, what’s the problem?

5. Less Hassle

Less Hassle than let’s say one doctor’s appointment after another, which is where heart disease, diabetes, obesity and all of the auto-immune diseases that carry the results of a fast food diet, will lead you.

6. Clever Marketing

Marketing brings you into the ad agency’s clients door with a tie-in toy or game or play-ground or clown, that can make you feel like you are at a party or cool or having fun while they feed you food that will bring your party, during vising hours, to a hospital? No one wants to think of themselves as a sucker but ….. they got you hooked….sucker.

Fast food is often high in calories, sugar, fat, salt and additives including chemicals that are highly addictive, to hook you to their brand.

Regular consumption of fast food puts your health at risk: increased risk of Cardio Vascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes; liver damage; overweight-ness and obesity; HEY: no nutrients=no energy

Advantages of home cooking: more control over dietary intake; encourages a healthy attitude to food; more nutrition than fast food; bonding experience for family and friends; helps understand what is in recipes to know better what to order or avoid on menus.

7. Lack of time or knowledge to cook

There is no life lesson more important than knowing that your health is your responsibility. How you feel is directly related to what you eat. Your health has been hijacked by the food and advertising industry and you are being served to the medical and pharmacutical industry.

Healthy cooking methods include:

  • Baking
  • Braising
  • Boiling
  • Grilling
  • Poaching
  • Roasting
  • Sautéing
  • Steaming
  • Stir-fry
  • Pressure-cooking.

You can even eat fresh produce raw~!

Short cuts:

  • Buy pre-prepared frozen vegetables
  • Buy ready chopped fresh veg
  • Allocate a few hours one day a week to cook, cooked food lasts more than twice as long as fresh.
  • Make food in bulk and refrigerate or freeze portions, re-invent the main protein into other meals.

So learn to cook healthy meals, you will find that loving yourself is best represented that way. Here’s where you can find some healthful tips and recipes without processed foods: good2eat4U


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