• How often do you eat a home-made meal?

    When you have food allergies eating out can be like walking through a mine-field. I no longer feel safe when eating out, I’ve been sick too many times from a wait staff that doesn’t want to give me a straight answer or simply didn’t properly know their menu items.  I even had one waiter tell… Continue Reading

  • Care for Ur wooden kitchen utensils

    Take good care of your wooden kitchen items: Wooden cutting boards contain fewer bacteria than plastic boards, as proven in laboratory testing. I had assumed that because I can place my plastic resin cutting boards into a dishwasher, wash them at very high heat with products that are disinfectants, that they are easier to maintain,… Continue Reading

  • Kitchen Tools: Wood or Plastic?

    I wrote a blog about caring for wooden cutting boards and bowls, in response I was made aware of the misinformation that I had based my blog on: contrary to what I wrote, wood is not safer than plastic as far as carrying bacteria is concerned. I have been told and have read over and… Continue Reading