• Sweet Tooth?

      So the beat-beat-beat of the drum of the march of the food revolution continues. As the consumer continues to connect the dots between what they eat and their health they continue to create changes by using their food budget to vote for healthier choices, which really is the only way to promote the changes,… Continue Reading

  • Water Rights, or Wrongs

    You may think of chocolate when you think of the Nestle brand, but the backbone of the Nestle Company is such a sensitive topic in California that I am now boycotting them completely. What changed my shopping habit was my seeing the documentary FLOW (FOR LOVE OF WATER) about 8 years ago. The Nestle business… Continue Reading

  • Snack – Ass

    I’m going to keep this short because you don’t have time to eat, you don’t have time to read about eating. Have you moved past junk food and into snack food? If you’re eating snack food while you sit getting your ass whipped playing video games? You ass isn’t just getting whipped it’s growing into… Continue Reading

  • The Food Revolution Has Come

      Your personal food choices as a ‘Mindful Consumer’ (or not), make dollar votes that affect the food industry. The latest statistics show that what we, the consumers, want is organic, natural, unprocessed foods with no artificial ingredients and we now make consumption decisions on food purchases based on the effect on our health, it’s sustainability… Continue Reading

  • How much food is in your food?

    The GOOD NEWS Clean Labels are becoming a mainstay in the food and beverage industries rather than a passing trend, one in five tracked products had a clean label, up from 17% the year before. This has inspired 64% of Americans to check ingredients labels, looking for ingredients that are easy to understand and to… Continue Reading

  • What the Hell Has Happened to Our Food?

    I get international newsletters from medical and food industry reporters to keep on top of food trends, new products and the latest discoveries in nutritional understanding. In those insider news feeds come food production scandals. As I’m an organic consumer with a basic understanding of how things grow and am certified in how to keep… Continue Reading

  • What a Waste

    When you eat gluten free, dairy free, sugar and salt free, the first thing to improve is your waist, now let me show you how to avoid waste: as in food waste. As much as I LOVE hearing: “Look at your waist!” I HATE saying: “What a waste”! If you are stocking your kitchen with… Continue Reading

  • 100 Years ago…1914

    The gluten free market has opened the door to small independent producers being able to break through a market place that was and still is impenetrable. Big supermarket chain’s distribution and shelf space is only available for huge sums of money, unless it’s a new category that the public is demanding. This new revolution has… Continue Reading

  • CooCoo for Coconut

    It’s pretty easy to replace milk, there are plenty of non-dairy substitutes that taste well enough to drink. Soy milk, rice milk, hemp milk, even green tea is used as a substitute in baking. Replacing cream has been a different challenge. During the holidays, at the end of the year a soy based product cream… Continue Reading

  • How often do you eat a home-made meal?

    When you have food allergies eating out can be like walking through a mine-field. I no longer feel safe when eating out, I’ve been sick too many times from a wait staff that doesn’t want to give me a straight answer or simply didn’t properly know their menu items.  I even had one waiter tell… Continue Reading

  • Let’s Play With Food -Celebrate the Seasons

    Cookbook, Art Project, Story Book, 100% Delicious This delightful cookbook for 2-8 year olds and their associates is filled with fun, healthy recipes; easy-to-handle food cartoons entice even the pickiest eaters. Developed for the adults in charge of homemade meals for children, Let’s Play With Food is the answer to how to create healthy foods… Continue Reading

  • Don’t Get Crossed (contaminated that is)

    Mixed Family Cooking: Cooking safe for allergies or dietary choices. If you’re preparing a meal that includes items with and without gluten it is important to keep in mind that gluten spores can be airborne in flour and baking mixes and should be prepared first and before any gluten containing items are prepared or cooked, while… Continue Reading

  • Why what we eat is better.

    Eliminating items that you believe are staples is the first step in reforming your eating to a healthy diet, a diet void of gluten or over-processed grains, diary, sugar and salt. Begin by no longer buying items that advertising campaigns have convinced you of as being ‘staples’. Yes, eliminating gluten, diary, sugar and minimizing salt… Continue Reading

  • U can’t catch it but U can catch on

    When I first realized that I was going to have to eat without wheat (my favorite meal: pasta), barley (a favorite soup), rye (my favorite toast) I was overwhelmed by the ‘No’ in my head. My mind became a filtration system as I immediately focused on what eating gluten free would deny me. It brought me… Continue Reading

  • Back 2 School Special Cooking Workshops

    Back 2 School Special Cooking Workshops good2eat4U is offering 2 Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Free Cooking Workshops this September: Feed Ur Brain, part of the Pac ‘n Go Workshop Series. These foods are quick and easy 2 make, they travel well and make Ur brain sharper.  Great 4 kids to make themselves or 4 mom… Continue Reading

  • Keeping Track

    Keeping Track Print out our ‘Daily Needs’ chart, put it up on the refrigerator and help your family keep track of their eating habits. By ticking off the servings of food groups that they’ve eaten during the day you will all see in a glance what food groups are missing that might be best served… Continue Reading

  • Bar Codes

    Bar Codes: PLU (Price Look Up) stickers, used on produce has a bar code used for the pricing of produce at the cash register, but organic and genetically modified are part of the identifying process as it affects price. The code represents origin and size as well, which also affects the price. The savvy consumer… Continue Reading

  • Soybeans are good2eat4U

    Some people give soybeans a bad rap, someone just told me that ‘they’re not good for men’. I love them and use organic soybeans in every form available: soy sauce, soymilk, soy flour, tofu and in their natural state in pods called Edamame in Japanese. Soybeans are versatile and adaptable, having little flavor of their… Continue Reading