Home Cook Turned Pro – Organic Chef – Italian Grandmother – Cookbook Author

Certified Nutritional Advisor –  Elaine Good:

A wide range of colorful foods are a healthy diet.

Learn exactly what your body needs for you to eat to satisfy your nutritional needs so that your body can give you the strength, stamina and mental focus that you need for your lifestyle.

I’m a home cook that became professional: my experiences in professional kitchens; market research facilities (cooking for Fortune 500 clients conducting studies and conducting taste tests for the largest food producers in the world); commercial shoots (as a food stylist and makeup artist) opened my eyes to a clear understanding of the underbelly of the beast of the industrialization of food (now big fat underbelly, I might add).

  • I blog to expose how the commercial food industry is not only unconcerned with consumers well being, but indeed are proven to be killing us and causing us ill health and continue to contribute to the industrialized worlds crisis: obesity. You can quote me: “What they have done to our food supply is criminal.”
  • I blog about the latest scientific research as it pertains to maintaining good health. What foods can help shift a health issue: Food Sensitivities; Inflammation; GMO’s; Portion Control; Labeling. How I live without drugs or medication: gluten free; dairy free; salt free; sugar free.

I love teaching and cooking organic food that feed the body maximum energy in the most delicious way; there is no higher creative expression of self-love. We are food machines, if we were still growing our own produce and proteins we would be working sunrise to sunset on nothing else, I learned this first hand from my Grandfathers and Father.

I learned how to tie ingredients to cooking techniques and to put them together to be a nutritionally balanced menu from my Italian Grandmothers and Mother (and the Nutritional Certification I got from Shaw’s Academy).

  • I blog to share how to cook delicious and healthy food builds self-confidence and a positive mind-set in a life altering way. There is no more important health decision you make than what you eat every single day.
  • I blog about how cooking can be fun and that it’s the best way to build a healthy life style. Use your senses: sight, touch, smell, sound, taste to assume responsibility for your nutritional intake. Use simple to follow practical techniques to create delicious seasonal meals that are made just the way you like them.

Cooking schools teach methods to mass-produce food in an assembly line. Restaurants main goal is profit; they work off the same menu for years. In the time it takes for you to decide where you’re going to eat, place an order, eat and get home you could have made your own meal with full knowledge and consent of the food you’re body will assimilate into energy or obesity.

Get out of a food rut and save time and money making your own meals. If you have a dietary restriction that you have to cook around, I’m the positive support and information and experience that you need.












Latest Comments

  1. Elaine Good says:

    Real Food. That’s all I want. Real Food with Real Flavor. Don’t drown the main ingredient with a sauce that takes over the whole plate. I want the fragrance and flavor to take me to the farm, to the fresh picked raw produce straight off the plant.

    The time involved in executing fresh meals is something that is just not available in most families, whether working or driving around all day. My goal is to show you practical ways to get healthy and delicious meals on the table fast. Food that children love and food that is sophisticated enough for a dinner party, but all will make you a rock star cook.

    My blogging often contains information that will help you decide what dietary life style suits you or your table mates for maximum health and energy.

    Thank you for spending your time reading my blog, I hope that you find it to be inspirational in your own hungry journey.

    Elaine Good


  2. sudebaker says:

    Thanks for the follow! Keep up the good fight 🙂


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