• How often do you eat a home-made meal?

    When you have food allergies eating out can be like walking through a mine-field. I no longer feel safe when eating out, I’ve been sick too many times from a wait staff that doesn’t want to give me a straight answer or simply didn’t properly know their menu items.  I even had one waiter tell… Continue Reading

  • What children gain from learning to cook (and adults too):

    Cooking is a great life management skill, cooking is a unique opportunity to tie together skills that carry over into every aspect of your life: Being able to feed yourself develops self-confidence. Consideration of others: cooking begins with teamwork and can involve making food that is pleasing to others. Social skills are developed because children never… Continue Reading

  • Let’s Play With Food -Celebrate the Seasons

    Cookbook, Art Project, Story Book, 100% Delicious This delightful cookbook for 2-8 year olds and their associates is filled with fun, healthy recipes; easy-to-handle food cartoons entice even the pickiest eaters. Developed for the adults in charge of homemade meals for children, Let’s Play With Food is the answer to how to create healthy foods… Continue Reading

  • Don’t Get Crossed (contaminated that is)

    Mixed Family Cooking: Cooking safe for allergies or dietary choices. If you’re preparing a meal that includes items with and without gluten it is important to keep in mind that gluten spores can be airborne in flour and baking mixes and should be prepared first and before any gluten containing items are prepared or cooked, while… Continue Reading

  • Why what we eat is better.

    Eliminating items that you believe are staples is the first step in reforming your eating to a healthy diet, a diet void of gluten or over-processed grains, diary, sugar and salt. Begin by no longer buying items that advertising campaigns have convinced you of as being ‘staples’. Yes, eliminating gluten, diary, sugar and minimizing salt… Continue Reading

  • U can’t catch it but U can catch on

    When I first realized that I was going to have to eat without wheat (my favorite meal: pasta), barley (a favorite soup), rye (my favorite toast) I was overwhelmed by the ‘No’ in my head. My mind became a filtration system as I immediately focused on what eating gluten free would deny me. It brought me… Continue Reading

  • Back 2 School Special Cooking Workshops

    Back 2 School Special Cooking Workshops good2eat4U is offering 2 Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Free Cooking Workshops this September: Feed Ur Brain, part of the Pac ‘n Go Workshop Series. These foods are quick and easy 2 make, they travel well and make Ur brain sharper.  Great 4 kids to make themselves or 4 mom… Continue Reading

  • Care for Ur wooden kitchen utensils

    Take good care of your wooden kitchen items: Wooden cutting boards contain fewer bacteria than plastic boards, as proven in laboratory testing. I had assumed that because I can place my plastic resin cutting boards into a dishwasher, wash them at very high heat with products that are disinfectants, that they are easier to maintain,… Continue Reading

  • Kitchen Tools: Wood or Plastic?

    I wrote a blog about caring for wooden cutting boards and bowls, in response I was made aware of the misinformation that I had based my blog on: contrary to what I wrote, wood is not safer than plastic as far as carrying bacteria is concerned. I have been told and have read over and… Continue Reading

  • Outside the Box: Vegan Milk Choices

    MILK CHOICES Cow Milk is rich in Vitamin D, Vitamin K, calcium and proteins. Cow’s milk is high in iodine and can help prevent gout and improves thyroid function. The presence of calcium in Cow’s milk strengthens bones and potassium and helps to regulate blood pressure. That said, nutritionists recommend including one or two of… Continue Reading


    WITH GREAT APPRECIATION OF EACH PEACH When I see people throwing out food I think of all of the labor it took to get that food into a kitchen, both commercial and home kitchen. Back-breaking labor. The kind of labor spent from sun up to sun down using every muscle of the body, the labor that… Continue Reading

  • Keeping Track

    Keeping Track Print out our ‘Daily Needs’ chart, put it up on the refrigerator and help your family keep track of their eating habits. By ticking off the servings of food groups that they’ve eaten during the day you will all see in a glance what food groups are missing that might be best served… Continue Reading

  • Bar Codes

    Bar Codes: PLU (Price Look Up) stickers, used on produce has a bar code used for the pricing of produce at the cash register, but organic and genetically modified are part of the identifying process as it affects price. The code represents origin and size as well, which also affects the price. The savvy consumer… Continue Reading

  • Magnificent Magnesium

    Magnesium is an essential mineral that the body uses for building strong bones, maintaining heart rhythm, muscle and nerve function and keeps the immune system healthy. Magnesium is also involved in at least 300 biochemical enzyme reactions in the body that result in thousands of reactions happening constantly such as: nerve transmissions; muscle contraction; nutrient… Continue Reading

  • I Heart U

    The American Heart Association statistics show that 75 million Americans currently suffer from heart disease, 20 million have diabetes and 57 million have pre-diabetes. These disorders are affecting younger and younger people in greater numbers every year. In the United States heart disease kills one every 37 seconds. But the good news is that heart-disease… Continue Reading

  • What we eat is better period

    Gardening can be a hobby, in my family it was a competition amongst the men. It ‘inspired’ my father to grow an apple tree that had branches of yellow apples, green apples and several varieties of red apples off the same trunk. Uncle Nino had the biggest zucchini and this was before nuclear Miracle Grow,… Continue Reading


    FEEDING THE FINICKY My family appreciates a ‘healthy appetite’, to my mother that meant what ever she put on the table was gobbled up. Future son-in-laws were also judged more on what and how much they ate than ….anything else. The real test was stuffed calamari with spaghetti. As we had been eating this dish… Continue Reading

  • What is a “Healthy Diet”?

    What is the definition of a ‘Healthy Diet’? Conscious eating is a big benefit of having a sensitive body or food allergy, being aware of what you’re eating is the first step of the indulgence of a healthy diet. Everyone benefits from eating with the purpose of getting the most energy for your body to run on.… Continue Reading

  • Lactose Intolerant or Allergic 2 Dairy?

    Moooo00000ve over and let me tell you a few things about cow’s milk. Do you have a post nasal drip that just won’t quit? Do you have trouble breathing after meals and you don’t have furry pets? Do you have itchy skin and constant rashes? Are your eyelids puffy and you have flakey skin around your… Continue Reading

  • Soybeans are good2eat4U

    Some people give soybeans a bad rap, someone just told me that ‘they’re not good for men’. I love them and use organic soybeans in every form available: soy sauce, soymilk, soy flour, tofu and in their natural state in pods called Edamame in Japanese. Soybeans are versatile and adaptable, having little flavor of their… Continue Reading

  • Getting Back The Joy In Eating Out

    I had dinner with 6 girlfriends the other night and after 2 hours of discussing the menu with the waitress, who was back and forth with the kitchen to find out what was in what, I decided to do a blog about eating out and staying gluten, dairy and sugar free. I’ve been eating gluten,… Continue Reading

  • Hello world!

    Good Fat, that’s right I said it. Fats develop brain cells and helps to balance hormones. Good Fats reduce inflammation and balance mood swings.30% of growing children’s diets should be fat. Adults diets should be 20-35% of energy from ‘good’ fats and avoid trans fats and saturated fats and again children should be getting 30%… Continue Reading